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Air Quality Design is committed to providing the best photolytic NO2 converters available.  We offer several versions of the converter to meet various measurement and host instrument configurations.   The converter is also offered as part of two different instrument systems, described below.  If you do not find a converter that meets your needs please contact us to discuss a custom solution using our patented technology.

Stand-alone Converters

OEM Standard Version

Our standard converter, optimized for 1 atm and 1slpm

OEM Low-pressure Version

Our high-volume, low-pressure converter, optimized for 0.2 atm and 1slpm

BLC Model 42 Upgrade Kit

A plug-and-play photolytic converter for the TEI model 42


NO-NO2 Measurement Systems

Teledyne-API Model T200UP Photolytic NOx Instrument

An EPA FEM-certified method for measurement of NO and NO2 with a sensitivity of 50 pptv/min available from Teledyne-API.